by Cobra Zebra

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released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Cobra Zebra Loogootee, Indiana

Just 2 (sometimes 3) dudes churning out timeless classics and changing the face of music forever. Do we do it for the fame, the fortune? Yes, and we'd like some of it immediately.

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Track Name: Silent
Build a shrine, form a line for the God gone silent
Learn the dance, learn the chants for the God gone silent
Wait, he ain't called me by my name
Hey, if it's all the same...

Draw some blood, call it love for the God gone silent
Appoint a man fit to stand for the God gone silent


Don't come knocking down my door with that old hate
Don't come stomping across my floor with that old shame
Ya took my youth, but now I'm through hurting.

Puff your chest, waste your breath on the God gone silent
And be polite, and shut your thighs for the God gone silent


I love you, I'll miss you, but I'm through hurting
I love you, I still do, but I'm through hurting.
Track Name: Give Up
Good came at a price, but I always sacrificed
because it hurt inside and helped me feel alive.
Now we don't want it, now we just settle for shit
and I've got it, I've got wavs of it.

Truth came at a cost, but I never mourned the loss,
just bled for the cause and prayed for the lost
Now we don't want it, now no one wants what's real
because, "I'm tired.", well I'm tired

Now it feels like maybe something's missing,
I'm trying everything but nothing fits
I give up, won't you just numb it for a bit?
I give up, won't you just help me to forget?

Hope came with a curse, I knew to fear the worst
doubt made perverse, they swore to quench that thirst
Now I don't need it, now I just want what's real
but "I'm tired, I'm tired."


I give up.